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Ironworker Punch & Die Sizes from American Machine Tools

Please use the standard CNC punch tooling shapes below as links to the most common tooling tables. The tables detail all the CNC punch hole sizes that you can define within your sheet metal fabrications without any tooling costs. CST Catalog 2003 - Ironworkers, Punches & Dies StockOblongPunchSizes SIZE 63 64 216 219 221 228 SIZE 63 64 216 219 221 228 3/16x3/4 3/16 x 1 1/4x1/2 1/4 x 3/4 1/4x1 9/32 x 9/16 9/32x3/4 9/32 x 1 5/16x1/2 Ironworker Punches and Dies - Standard Size Tooling Standard Ironworker Punches and Dies American Punch Company manufactures the world's finest punches, dies and shear blades used in the steel fabrication industry. Scroll through the drawings below to find the standard dies and punches that meet your needs.

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KNOCKOUTS - • Slug-Buster® Punches available in sizes up thru 2.52" (64.0 mm) • Standard round punches available up to 5 5/8" (144.1 mm) Slug-Buster® Punches Slug-Buster® Metric Punches Standard Metric Punches DRIVER TYPE DRIVE METHOD CAPACITY SIZE RANGE AVAILABLE SPEED PUNCH® Hydraulic or Battery Mild steel up thru 10 gauge (3.5 mm)

Ironworker Punches and Dies - Standard Size Tooling

Sheet Metal Punches | McMaster-Carr Slot Forming Punches .... Use twice the punching force of standard extended- reach punches to make ... Cut DIN -size holes in steel up to 7/64" thick using a driver ram and hydraulic pump. ... Metric Stud-Driven Hole Punch Sets for Conduit ... Hex key - Wikipedia

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Dimensional Bolting Catalog Dimensional Catalog Table of Contents Page Screws Round Head Screws 1-1 Various Head Styles Machine Scerws 1-2 to 1-23 Tapping Screws (Approx. Hole Sizes) 1-24 Thumb and Wing Tape Measure Calibration Procedure If it is bent, use the end hook adjustment slot at the end of the Lixer to adjust the end hook. Check with the Lixer again.